1. Title and body fonts: Geist VF, Geist VF Mono, Georgia. You can combine them however you want.
  2. Add a tagline below the site title in the navbar. This is optional, we chose "By Outline7".
  3. Choose whether you want sharp or rounded image corners across your publication.
  4. Post card settings: toggle if you want to show the feature image, excerpt and date+tag or not.


  1. Choose whether you want to show the hero or not.
  2. Pick your brand colors as background for your hero. You don't have to worry about the contrast, as the text will adapt to your background.
  3. Position your image on the left, right or top of the text. Or just hide it. Additionally, you can choose if you want the text to be centered or not, and the style of your image (rounded corners, circle, sharp or hidden).
  4. There are also 2 types of feeds. One is classic, and the other one is inspired by James Clear, where posts are displayed under their respective tags.
  5. Toggle if you want to show featured posts, publication tags and recommendations on the homepage.


  1. Toggle display author, tag, date and reading time.
  2. Show related posts at the end or not.